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Ariana V
Top 10 Tips for Kid's Photography 2022

You have chosen to confront the (sometimes) bittersweet challenge that can be taking professional and loving family photos– with kids.

As a mother of a toddler myself (and survivor of raising another), I know first-hand that if you want any kid to cooperate, you’ve got to speak their language!

Before the big day, be sure that you have spent some time talking with your little ones about this exciting adventure you’re all about to embark upon with the entire family, especially your toddler(s). Tell them a little bit about me and what we’ll be doing together! Share pictures of where we will be going for our session together to get them excited!

Get your kids involved by talking to them about where we’ll be meeting for our session together.

Get them excited about the journey in a way that encourages them to look forward to the destination.

For example, if your session is going to be at a location such as the generously gorgeous Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden, you can get the kids excited about being greeted with gloriously breathtaking resident peacocks. Be sure to mention all of the plants and flowers you will meet along the way!

The point is to find something that they can get excited about, depending on where you’re going. Show and tell them about it and watch their imagination soar!

Including them in the process is sure to foster a sense of importance and belonging.

If you are going to expect anything, expect to have FUN!

As a parent, I can completely relate to any sense of frustration that might come when dealing with an uncooperative toddler. As your professional bestie, however, I’m up for the challenge!

Your time is just as valuable to me as my own. While it’s true that not all children are created equal, my goal is to equip and educate you with what I have found to work best, based on my professional experience throughout the years.

In my experience, I’ve found that kids don’t take kindly to being told what to do. I’ve also learned that it’s all in the approach. Without the right approach and the right tools, a professional family photo session with kids might be a little overwhelming, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Speaking of tools, use ALL the props!

Bring their favorite toy, security blanket, or both!

Trying to force kids into doing anything that wasn’t their idea doesn’t make for an enjoyable experience (for anyone involved). I think you deserve more than just your average traditional family portrait with forced smiles.

Most kids love their toys, especially mine. Perhaps yours has that one item they refuse to leave home without. No judgment here. I think bringing their favorite possession to our session would be an excellent idea!

Not only would they have the comfort of knowing they have their favorite item, but it’s also a great tool that I can use as an ice breaker to help ease any shyness. Kids love talking about their favorite things, and I have a talent for capturing the natural glow in their faces, sparkle in their eyes, and organically gorgeous smiles, while they do.

Having an item they are emotionally attached to might facilitate memory building and they can associate the item with our family session experience– making the event all the more sentimental for them! Moreover, props allow personality to shine through when used in photos. Every family portrait is an opportunity to share your uniquely beautiful story and express your family values, culture, passion, and more.

The result? Organic expressions of joy and love.

I used her favorite Christmas ornament to capture this gorgeous (organic) smile!

Don’t forget the travel bag — did you pack the snacks and extra outfit(s)?

Parents everywhere know that kids love a good snack– in fact, mine don’t cooperate at all if they’re even a little bit hungry (hangry). Some kids might be in a stage of development where they are still learning how to eat without making a mess, or how to use a napkin. It’s a good idea to pack messy-free snack options, water, and probably an extra outfit (just in case). I always overprepare when it comes to packing travel bags for the kids.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

― Benjamin Franklin

There will also be times when I will act as a fly on the wall of your beautiful, natural, moments; capturing live-action memories of your family as we go forth on our adventure together during this session.

If you have any questions, or if you need some more ideas, feel free to contact me directly! I’m here and happy to support you in making sure you feel prepared and at ease when it’s time for our session. Schedule your free consultation today!

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