Accessibilty Compliance Policy

Pixelzshot works to keep its website up to date with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and accessible to all users.

We are aware that not all areas of the website or users of assistive technologies and devices will always be accessible and usable. Pixelzshot conducts accessibility audits of its website and fixes any problems that are discovered. Please be aware that we are still working hard.

Have feedback or need help?

Your opinions on Pixelzshot's accessibility are always welcomed. Please email us at if you have any specific questions or comments concerning the accessibility of our site or if you require assistance using a particular function.

In order to assist us identify the issue, if you discover a section of the website that isn't accessible, please identify the element or web page in question and any other pertinent details. We will try to create a text version of the material if a page cannot be made accessible. To ask for a specific electronic format, please email us at

Please let us know your name, address, phone number, the format you need, the URL where the item is located, and your preferred method of communication.